Model: MS-43L (Supplemental Spot Light & Back Light )

  • For high quality imaging when additional light is needed
  • Operates as a supplemental spot light
  • Base light stage for bottom lighting
  • Four side mirror flaps for light manipulation
  • Illumination powered via AC Adapter

Product Applications

The MS43L is designed for use with Dino-Lite microscopes when additional lighting will help you achieve the highest quality imaging results. This easy to use spot light that doubles as a back-light comes with a base to help guide your light in the right direction. As a spot light when attached to the base, the MS-43L can be moved to the position of choice for lighting conditions that require more than what the Dino-Lite microscope already has or perhaps an indirect light as some objects will need. When operating as a base the MS-43L illuminates objects from below just as a traditional microscope would, offering the lighting that would be needed for such objects with hard to reach or illuminate spaces such as thin deep holes in small parts.

The MS-43L light has 4 adjustable mirror flaps to help manipulate the light in different angles for optimal performance. The light is powered via AC Adapter and has an On/Off switch on the side of the body.



General Features:

  • Spotlight with base stand for sturdy light adjustment
  • 4x4W Fluorescent lamp
  • Base light for illuminating objects from below
  • Four adjustable side mirror flaps for light manipulation
  • AC Adapter powered
  • On / Off switch

Technical Specifications:

  • Color Temperature: 5000K
  • AC Adapter powered
  • Built in illumination

Dimensions and Weight:

  • Backlight stage 8” x 6.5” x 1.75”
  • Unit weight 3.2 lb / 1451.50 gm

Mechanical Layout:

  • Backlight stage, attachable arm, and USB cable: 0.88 lbs

Package includes:

  • Spot light/Back light
  • 24V AC Adaptor
  • Base stand
  • Adapter for MS35B/36B

Product Requirements:

  • Power Adaptor



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